Vision, mission & values



Corporate social responsibility
Working together for a better future
Ushering into a new era of industrial manufacturing in China, Autocraft has adopted international standards and best practices as the basis of its management concept.  
We understand that only a healthy work place, exciting career development opportunities
and a culture of transparency and open communication creates the environment that talented people thrive in.

People at the centre

While placing people and their potential at the heart of the corporate culture and business philosophy, Autocraft maintains an internal training centre for technical training seminars as well skill development for staff at all levels.

The company also provides line workers and other staff with modern living quarters which conform to regular housing standards. Regulated working hours and holiday schemes ensure an adequate balance of working and leisure time.

As a result, Autocraft has been able to retain some of the most highly skilled and specialized workers in our industry, and attracted talented experts from overseas.

Environmental protection
The company has invested heavily in the latest environmental protection technologies which comply with the strictest environmental standards for high-tech industries as per the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

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